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For whom is the ghostwriting job suitable?

It can be inferred from the nature of the work that it will be suitable for a freelancer. It’s not a typical job position. Hoc – a few such positions would probably be found in the official-political world. Most of the time, Ghostwriting is a short-term job, so it’s a good idea to hire someone to do it, invoice it, and it’s equipped.

If you work with text, then you can also work as a ghostwriter. But in advance, you have to make it clear that the one who paid you will reap all the glory. Not you. Some authors have a problem with it.

Imagine writing a really successful book that will become a bestseller. But there is a foreign name beneath it. You may not be pleased that you can’t boast “we wrote this”. Not even friends. Not even customers. Thanks to the successful book, you would certainly get a lot of new orders right away. But you can’t say you’re her author. So you really aren’t – thoughts are the person you talked to.

Now a brief consideration on the theme of primacy of eggs versus hens: how do you find a job as a ghostwriter? Sometimes actually hard enough. You cannot now give a list of books or speeches that you have written and for which clients. That would make you annoy the ones you wrote for. And after such indiscretion you would certainly not even get new customers.

The best way is to write as a copywriter. There you have the right to publish samples of your work on your site. Well, if it’s good-quality lyrics, you can be hired for writing on behalf of you. You may be interested in this activity on your Linkedin profile or on your site.

How much can you earn a ghostwriter?

There is a simple answer to this question: how much do you agree. It’s very different who hires you. Someone has a small budget, someone big. We will therefore look at examples from different situations.

Small budget, short term. we do not recommend taking this job with respectful thanks. we have bad experiences with it. Clients who quench the term fires while also saving are troublesome. You will quench their disaster, and then you will stretch for a month to pay you anything. After some time, they will turn to you to send the text by morning and repeat the situation. Your mental health is more valuable than the few badly earned dollars.

Big budget, short term. First of all, make sure it’s not a cheater. This is usually partly covered by an advance payment. Otherwise, it’s a fair offer. A customer who wants to deliver the service quickly and realizes it’s not cheap is a good customer. Usually, when working with text and publishing, everything should be delivered by yesterday at the latest (the papers will arrive tomorrow).

Small budget, long term. If a customer has a small budget and gives you a lot of time, some of these jobs can be taken. However, we recommend only the area where you are confident that you have as few robots as low as the planned fee.

Big budget, long term. Prepare a bag of gold. Such clients need to be balanced with gold while they wait.

So, imagine you want to write a speech to someone. Or a longer magazine article about a company that her boss wrote.

You can then prize the work by hours. If we took as a minimum a $30 watch for writing text, this would be $300. See this as a minimum – you give up your copyright. If you’re writing for a top manager, you save his time. He would also write such an article or speech for 3 or 4 hours. Well, the time of such people is usually much more expensive. They still pay to hire a ghostwriter.

What if somebody who only has a small budget wants to hire you? Well, what. If you like it and don’t have a better job then why not. But when you need to buy bread and cheese and you only have 20 cents – will they give it to you in the store?

Of course, work can sometimes be priced according to standard pages, cost-per-word, or a commission agreed on the resulting sales. Or, a ghostwriter will be the co-author of a book and thus gain prestige – if it is a major title. Basically, it doesn’t matter what model of pricing you choose. It is important that you have decent money for your work. It makes no sense to write on order for a low fee, so that the author has to pursue another job at the same time. Writing is a demanding activity, a tired author adds lousy text.

Don’t forget the contract!

Especially for new clients, it is good to conclude a contract. In it, specify things that may seem obvious to you, but they do not need a client:

  • Scope of work,
  • deadlines
  • the scope of corrections, modifications and additions to the text
  • payment method,
  • the manner, scope and delivery dates of the documents by the client
  • or as a ghostwriter you will be bound by secrecy.

With small jobs, you don’t have to be crazy about contracts. If the client is trustworthy for you, it can be handled. From many years of experience we say that there are many decent and pleasant clients for us, for whom an oral agreement is a valid agreement. Once in a while a speculator appears. This is usually quickly recognized and will not work more with it.

However, with more text, you need to specify the range more precisely. You will insure against:

  • Defaulters. We can still find buyers who do not pay or pay after a lengthy reminder.
  • A repair. Especially those low-budget ones would sometimes have the article to rework four times, because they are still not satisfied. They are changing your vocabulary text. Then they return them. Then they can rework some passageā€¦
  • Think about such situations. we had a client who wrote a few dozen texts about ready-to-serve services on the company’s website. Then he decided he would never provide the services at all.

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