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Ghostwriting – a secret writer for rent

The word Ghostwriter consists of two English words: ghost = spirit, writing = writing. So it can be translated as a spirit writing. Well, something like that also means. Ghostwriter is a writer who writes text for someone else. He writes but does not sign.

The most famous is about joining ghostwriters with celebrities. Many books in the world are created in this way. Just some actor or politician doesn’t have literary talent. Well the book would meet him. So it can be discreetly written to an author who does not sign under his work.

Thus, the definition of ghostwriting is that someone writes a text that someone else then signs as their work. In short, it can also be defined as a secret writer for rent because the ghostwriter remains secret forever.

Something else is when a book comes out where it is written that someone known to talk to an editor. Such a book then mentions both the author of the text and the author’s thoughts, but it is not ghostwriting.

At first glance, it might seem that such work is quite unique and that only the richest and futile people order it. But this is not true at all. Every author who has written on the contract has already met with “on behalf”.

Company Website Texts. This is probably the most common writing on demand today, by the name of the customer. If we write a text for a customer about his business and products, you won’t even find my name there.

Texts on blogs. Many blog actually writes someone quite different. If a company or personality needs to communicate with the audience, he hires a professional for it.

Magazine articles. Similarly to blogs and books – sometimes an author writes to a magazine who didn’t write his experiences in person.

Social networking activities. In fact, a large number of well-known people don’t use Facebook or other social networks at all. Their profiles are cared for by a specialist or a skilled assistant. Sometimes he even answers questions on their behalf. (Do you think that… put in the name of a well-known person… he wanted to kill his life time on social networks?

Politicians’ speeches and texts. There are also unexpectedly many spirits in this area. A politician often hires an author or several authors to make a speech. The audience then tears, how touching the Minister said again…

Student work. we remember one college student. He had to write about 20 pages of work by morning. He forgot, and remembered it in the evening at the beer. Sometimes we write bachelor’s or master’s thesis like this.

Books. Mostly they are memoirs or books of life or work. An entrepreneur, actor, politician, or other person wants to write a book. But either he has no talent for writing, or (more often) hundreds of hours of writing time.

In music. Sometimes songwriting or song lyrics are also written by someone else for a well-known artist.

In the visual arts. Several authors do some work. For example, in the past, animated films were designed by a well-known artist, but the stage drawing of hundreds of films was made by draftsmen.

At first glance, it might seem that if someone is famous for writing a book, it is some kind of shame or embarrassment. Certainly not quite.

Nobody will know about the fact that someone else actually wrote the book.

Ghostwriter usually only “nicer” writes the sponsor’s thoughts.

As a rule, copyright to the text belongs to the person who has ordered and signed the work

What is the difference between copywriting and ghostwriting

In a sense, small. Copywriting is considered to be the writing of advertising, promotional and PR texts. Even a copywriter often stays secret. But not because it was secret, but because it wasn’t important who wrote. If you are reading the brisk text of a mobile operator about his new service, it is clear that the director did not write it. Neither do technicians who install masts. But if you were searching, you would probably find out who the author is.

In contrast, a ghostwriter must remain secret. Have you heard a brisk speech from a politician who apparently doesn’t have IQ on such ideas? Well, you don’t trouble his true author. It’s just a secret.

Copywriter can put his work into a portfolio. It can boast “we wrote this”. Ghostwriter can’t do it.

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