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How to check a text that ghostwriter wrote?

As we have experience in this area, we will write as it usually happens at. However, other clients and other authors of texts may also proceed quite differently. Therefore, do not take the following text as the only possible path.

1. Study as input material

Less frequent are text orders that need to be written out of nothing. The customer wants to create a site or article on a topic. However, it does not have time to meet you as a ghostwriter. Your task then is to study the issue separately. You will write the text. The customer reminds him and finally the result is fine-tuned.

Exceptionally hard-working managers are sometimes unwilling to sacrifice even the few hours to talk to you in detail. It is more demanding work, but good quality text can be created. This is usually more expensive because it takes a lot of time to study the area you want to write about. (Now we are not considering pseudo writing when a “writer” takes a finished article, changes a few words and passes.)

2. Interview, as a material to be processed later

More often, and much better, if you have a few hours with your client. Depending on the size of the resulting text, one session may be enough to write a text on a web or article. Or several sessions if it is a larger material. As a technical device, we suggest you always work with two voice recorders. Certainty is certainty.

Then always listen to the recording two or three times before you start writing. So you will not only absorb the atmosphere of the subject, but also the style of the person you want to represent as a writer.

For example, you are interviewing a hip-hop singer who expresses himself in a certain way. A similar vocabulary must appear in the text you write on its behalf. You’ll probably be vulgarizing. But he should remain his style. It just serves to hear the record again.

By the way, you might be surprised how much information you can pull out of a conversation with a successful or experienced person. These people often speak in a concentrated way, and you will find connections that you have completely overlooked in a personal conversation when you listen repeatedly.

Usually, however, you will not do “transcription” of text from interview to word. You take the essence or the atmosphere from the conversation. Plus Backgrounds. You will also need to study and put together the facts.

3. Writing

Whether you have the writing material from an interview or a study, it is followed by your own writing. Here is your task to find out how the resulting text should work.

The text can preserve the expression or personality style that the person you write is. If he is an actor or hip-hoper, there should be some phrases he usually uses. The audience must believe that the text was written by their favorite.

The text should match the target audience’s requirements. If you write a speech for politics, it must remain intelligible to its voters. Even if your advertiser wanted some foreign words in the text.

The text should not contain your typical copyright elements or your favorite words. You will not remove this feature yourself, it is usually the supervisor or someone who reads and checks it for you. Each author has a certain style and favorite words. You really shouldn’t be in ghost-text.

Then it is as it always is. You write until the material is finished.

You upload the piece and if the client is satisfied the whole thing ends for you. (Unless satisfied, sometimes editable in text.)

Ghostwriting is often an interesting job. You often write inspired by a great interview with a successful business owner or his top employee who will tell you a lot of interesting things. Then an interesting and engaging text is created from such material.

Finally a tip: how to find a ghostwriter?

So far we have written the article to answer questions from people who write or want to write on behalf of. But what if someone is looking for an author to write an article for him, a book, or a speech?

Search for authors who write. Search for them as “copywriter london” or another city. However, it is a good idea to meet in person, you can also use Skype and other online platforms. Also note blogs such as blogs on SME or Journal N. Some authors can style you better than a professional. Ask them if they want to help you. Or check out the Facebook groups where copywriters are. Quickly find someone to help you. For example, here or here.

Go through their work. Just as the author writes mostly, he also adds text to you. If he writes boring and incomprehensible, don’t take him. If he writes on quite different topics than you need, he probably isn’t the right one for you.

Prepare only a smaller project as a task. Article or short text. You need to try a new author.

Describe exactly what you want. Specify the scope of work, your idea of collaboration.

Ask for a price calculation, or just say what the price is for you.

  • Conclude the contract.
  • Assess how you worked.

A good author will think for you. He meets you, hears thoroughly. If he encounters confusion when writing, he will deal with you. It does not leave illogical things in the text – communication noise sometimes arises when talking. A good ghostwriter won’t let this noise get into the final text. If you want something problematic, an experienced author will warn you that there are errors in the entry.

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